how does it work


Click “REGISTER” on website of selected bike system. Fill all required data, accept terms and transfer initial fee according to Terms of particular System. After registration, you are going to receive an e-mail and a text message with your Login and PIN.


Using terminal at one of stations, turn on the screen. Type Login and PIN or use a card, i.e. credit or city card, or any other that have wireless identification service.


Follow on screen instructions. Enter the number of lock which secures the selected bike. A code for combination lock will appear on the screen, and will be sent to your phone. Use combination in case of leaving bike outside the station. Do not leave the bike unattended. Now you have 20 seconds to push the button releasing bike from electronic lock, and take a bike. Voilà!


05return – electronic lock

Returning bike is even easier! Fetch bike to selected station and lock it to station by inserting bike’s bolt (located under carrier) into electronic lock’s hole. Check if bike is locked properly – try to move it to the back. If the bike can’t be moved, it’s locked.

06return – combination lock

If the station is full, lock the bike with combination lock to the station and after that return bike through mobile app or helpline.